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How To Select Solar Street light

Energy Savers Guide

  • How to select solar street light-Nature


    1.Currently, customers are confused by so many different quality solar street lights without any industry standards. So

    2.How to select solar street light?

    3.We provide our professional advices as following:

    How bright?

    How many working days? How long is the life span?

  • Solar street light main advantage

    1.Rectangular shap light distribution without extra lens, improve additional 30% more brightness.

    2.Digital controller technology, saving additional 80% energy . ( 5times longer than regular techonology in rainny days. Realized whole year 100% lighting.)

    3.NANO battery waterproof technology, prolong battey's life span, decrease maintenance cost.

  • Brightness

    LED lightluminous efficiency:

    NATURE patent design LED chip: Distribute rectangular sha pe light auto-matically.(Roud is in rectangular shape). Don't need second light distribution,no light decay. SensLights LED chip and Multitask solar Panel

    Normal round light spot


    GLE Rectangular light spot

  • Energy Saving

    LED is a semiconductor device, has on-off feature. Due to human visual effect, when fr equency over 25t/s, we can not feeling. Through our patented - digital frequency adjust ment technology, on-off frequency is up to 10K-100Kt/s, to our eyes, LED keeps lighti ng, but the fact is half working with input half power. But constant current driver in ot her supplier, that need continuous power to full working all the time.
    Constant current driver consumes 15-20% power when operating. Instead of the trad itional LED analogue driver, our Digital patented controller uses 4 IC to replace it. Only consume 0.0625W power when working. So, further saving of 15-20% is realized.
    Our digital controller, with unique energy saving mode design after midnight, we could program controller to reduce power gradually. Further saving of 10-15% power consumption. Other vendors’ energy saving mode is to adjust the voltage, current or power to be a certain value by sundenly.

  • Life Span

    LED lamp life:
    Major problem with current high-power LED street light is difficult heat elimin ation, which result to different light decay, serious light decay:
    LED Street Lamp Temperature rise Light decay within 10,000Hrs Life Span
    Our low power20 °C < 4%10 years
    Others high power>40 °C>10%< 5years
    B. Battery Life:
    The most important material is electrolyte inside.
    There are two important factors to prolong the life span.
    1) Deep Cycle times- - Our solar street light saves 70-85% power consumpti on compared with regular one. Therefore, each deep cycle time is 5 times prolonged.
    2) Environment Temperature- - Most suitable working temperature for battery is 20-25°C, more or less than 10°C, life span would be only a half.
    Most vendors put the batteries inside a box hanging on the pole.
    The reason why their street light batteries can only have one year life.
    We Bury the battery under ground.
    We suggest bury the battery under tundra(about 20-25℃), which is about 0.7-1m deep. (consult by different area situation). Controller Life Nature Tek controller integrate with constant curre nt driver Capacitor is a indispensable device in normal Constant current driver, the longest life span: <5 years. NATURE patent controller uses 4pcs IC to replace the Constant current driv er, so there is no capacitor and life span can over 20 years.

  • Cable & Connectors

    Our Ultra-violet pure silicone rubber copper wire and Silver-plated high-strength anti-aging waterproof connectors helps to reduce the cable system resistance & the power loss in the wire to the minimum extent.

    Note: Many non-professional manufacturers think the resistance of solar street lights are the same as AC powered street lights. Nothing important to separate them. Following is the compared result for street lights:
    Solar powered (LED): 240W panel, 24V SYSTEM, I=240/24=10A. P=10²R=100R,
    AC powered (HPS) : 220W sodium lamp, 220V I=220/220=1A, P=1²R=1R

  • Carbon Steel Pole

    1.high-carbon steel

    2.hot-dip galvanized

    3.plastic spray coating

    4.Antirust within 30 years

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